Xavier Dolan on Heartbeats
February 25, 2011, 2:02 am
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About three weeks ago, I met Xavier Dolan to record an interview with him about his new film, Heartbeats. Xavier lives and works in Quebec and was in New York for a short time to promote his latest movie. I could tell he’d been spending his whole time here in press coverage, but he seemed in good spirits.

His story is riddled with interesting circumstances that have raised much anticipation for Heartbeats. There’s three reasons for this, A) Xavier’s first film, J’ai Tue Ma Mere (I Killed My Mother), received loads of international recognition from Cannes and was even Canada’s submission to the 2009 Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Feature. However, it was never released in the United States and can never be because of an unfortunate distribution contract. B) Xavier was 19 years old at the release of I Killed My Mother and is 21 at the release of Heartbeats. It’s interesting, to be sure, that Xavier has met success at such a young age. What’s more interesting is that his age does not show through in his works (except for the fact that he stars in them and you can literally see it). It’s a discredit to his talent to consider his age before the story he tells which is complex and intricate in and of itself. C) Check out the trailer:

Xavier is smart. You can hear it in the interview. He might be a little bit jaded already, but his thinking is sharp and fresh. That he exhibits these qualities at such a young age is logically sound. Most people who are intelligent and aware often are throughout their whole lives, what’s rare is that they have the means or ambition to make a feature length film that reflects their intelligence. Xavier’s in that very position right now and I am personally excited, based on Heartbeats, for his career to unfold just because I’m excited to see more of his movies.

Heartbeats begins its run at IFC Center here in Manhattan on Friday, February 25th. The film stars Xavier Dolan, Monia Chokri, and Neils Schneider. Written and Directed by Xavier Dolan.

Here’s the interview-


Lucas Green