Vicky Shick and Barbara Kilpatrick for “Not Entirely Herself”
March 10, 2011, 1:00 am
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When I told my co-host Zoe that I would be interviewing Vicky Shick and Barbara Kilpatrick for Citywide, she chuckled and told me, “You really like interviewing people called Barbara,” alluding to my very first guest on the show, visual artist Barbara Lubliner. And although I don’t discriminate in my choice of guests by name, her comment stuck with me because as the interview went on that evening, I realized that there has been a common thread between all my interviews: the idea that art and culture are and should always be in motion. The additional component this interview adds to this perspective: this fluidity associates it with a certain level of uncertainty and ultimately keeps it interesting.

Vicky and Barbara came into the studio straight after a rehearsal for Not Entirely Herself, which will premiere at the Kitchen next Wednesday, March 16th. In scheduling the interview, Elise Kermani, the sound designer, was also invited to come but could not make it that specific night. During the interview, I learned they were probably in the most stressful period of production; it was a few days before they loaded into the theater, the show was still shifting… but it never felt like it would not get to where it should be. Maybe that came from the amazing complicity and trust between Vicky and Barbara…

In the interest of time – if you’d asked me when I started doing interviews for Citywide that I’d end up thinking that, sometimes, a 30-minute interview was too short, I would have laughed – I had to cut out the last question I asked Vicky and Barbara. I’ll transcribe it here instead. The answers translate some anxiety, but they also show their passion, the mood of the piece and again, the inspiring notion that art is not set and works as an exchange, both in its preparation and its performance.

Q – What is the one, single most important thing we should know about Not Entirely Herself before we see it?

A – Vicky: For me, maybe… it’s to not work too hard to figure out what it’s about and to slow down the breathing and have a look and you know, maybe some of it will be pleasurable.

Barbara: I would have to say that… to be open hearted and have an open mind and see it as a visual art form that will unfold in lots of different ways… you know, be attentive to the detail and enjoy the incredibly generous, beautifully gifted dancers.

Not Entirely Herself, featuring Marilyn Maywald, Jimena Paz, Maggie Thom (pictured), Neil Greenberg, Vicky Shick and live sound mixing by Elise Kermani, opens next week, March 16th, and runs until March 19th. For more information, visit

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