Casey Kelbaugh for Slideluck Potshow
May 11, 2011, 11:59 pm
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I attended the first ever Slideluck Potshow event in Paris last summer because my sister works right next to the event space that hosted it. It was an evening full of surprises. I’ve never really seen much of a potluck dinner culture in France yet homemade food was plentiful. The slideshow, which contained material from pro and amateur photographers, went from funny to contemplative to thought-provoking and the crowd, which was much too big for the venue, stayed pretty much the entire way through. I thought the concept was genius, so I knew I wanted to interview the guy behind it all before the next event they would have in New York City.

I appreciate any non-profit made to help new artists, journalists or creative people in general, but Slideluck Potshow appeals to me most because it’s a concept that can truly translate anywhere in the world (as it has). How could anyone resist the communal feeling of sharing art and food together? I certainly couldn’t. No wonder the concept has been taken up in about 50 cities worldwide and people all over are applying for one spot during the shows.

The event this Saturday May 14th will be held at St Ann’s Warehouse in Dumbo, BK. The slideshow was curated by Whitney Johnson, the new Director of Photography for The New Yorker, and the theme is UPHEAVAL.  Here are some of the artists you can be sure to see:

Alex Fradkin  *  Alex Webb  *  Benjamin Sklar  *  Bruce Gilden  *  Carolyn Drake  *    Dominic Bracco  *  Dominic Nahr  *  Elena Dorfman  *  James Pomerantz  *  JR  *  Krisanne Johnson  *  Iwan Baan  *   Landon Nordeman *  Luca Zanier  *  Luis Ladron de Guevara  *  Lyle Owerko  *  M. Scott Brauer  *  M. Wesley Ham *  Mari Bastashevski  *  Mark Peterson  *  Martin Usborne  *  Matt Eich  *  Melanie Burford  *  Michael Christopher Brown  *  Natasja Fourie  *  Chris Hondros  *  Peter DiCampo  *  Phillip Toledano  *  Platon  * Rinko Kawauchi  *   Stefano de Lu igi  *  Steve Pyke  *  Steven Brahms  *  Tim Hetherington

The event is going on as part of the New York Photo Festival. For more info, check out

Sedera Ranaivoarinosy

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