RAW/COOKED, an exhibition at The Brooklyn Museum
September 27, 2011, 2:23 pm
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I love the Brooklyn Museum. They’re so smart. The genius in the basic formulation of the Brooklyn Museum is that it places new work from great contemporary artists along side great works from ancient artists. Subsequent to browsing classical Roman sculpture, you can find yourself in front of a Paul Klee. It’s a phenomenon common in most major museums, but at the Brooklyn Museum you often don’t have to even leave a room of Ancient Egyptian artwork to confront a modern (within the last months even) interpretation by a new artist of the canonized work surrounding you. That the Brooklyn Museum strives to create a timeline that only ends at the immediate present engenders constantly original juxtapositions. Perhaps that is why curator Eugenie Tsai titled the new year-long exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum Raw/Cooked (It also might be a reference to Claude Lèvi-Strauss’s The Raw and the Cooked which aptly investigates ethnic mythologies). Eugenie is very conscious of this unique propensity of the Brooklyn Museum; she says it is “a place showing what artists are doing today in the context of what has been done in the past.”

Kristof Wickman (American, b. 1981). Self-Portrait, 2010. Neoprene ball, cast silicone. 35 x 35 x 35 in. (88.9 x 88.9 x 88.9 cm).

Raw/Cooked strives to accomplish this goal with a particular focus on Brooklyn. Eugenie Tsai visited dozens of studios within Brooklyn to find work that she found exceptional and appropriate for a show that is intrinsically entwined with the museum itself. Over the next year, the five artists she selected will create new work with the freedom to incorporate and respond to the existing space and content of the museum. One artist is actually using museum materials to create a monument to the museum Listen to the interview below to hear from the artists themselves how they plan to manifest the dialogue that pervades this show.

Raw/Cooked began September 16th and will continue to show throughout the next year one artist at a time. Currently on view until November 27th is Kristof Wickman, whose work is depicted above.

Enjoy the show.


Lucas Green

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