Pearls on the Ocean Floor, A Documentary by Robert Adanto
September 28, 2011, 11:59 pm
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"After You, A series of 24" (2007) by Sara Rahbar

The media is rough on Iran. Consequently, it’s hard for us viewers of the 24-hour news machine to see the country with a fresh eye. But after a little digging, it’s clear that Iran’s history is richer than anything currently being said about the Islamic Republic today.

Pearls on the Ocean Floor explores the myriad ways in which that spirit and culture expresses itself in the art and lives of female Iranian women. Some of them live and work in Iran. Others have left and are not always so keen on going back. But their Iranian heritage is inescapable and their (however conflicted) attachment to that homeland shines through their photographs, paintings, collages or textile works.

Robert Adanto’s documentary showcases powerful work made by powerful women. It’s easy to dismiss art as simply decorative but they carry a message that more of us should hear: while the mainstream circles show one version of Iran, theirs deserves the equal amount of attention. They are recording history too.

Pearls on the Ocean Floor will be screened tomorrow evening, Thursday September 29th, at 7pm at the NYU Cantor Film Center at 36 East 8th Street. It will be followed by a panel with my guest Robert Adanto, Iran analyst Hadi Ghaemi and NYU professor Shouleh Vatanabadi, moderated by journalist Laura Secor.


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