Russian Film Week, Part 1: Katie Metcalfe and Slava Ross
November 3, 2011, 3:04 am
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In the past few months, we’ve had a certain number of interviews centered around French Film (#1, #2 and #3). But in many ways, talking about seeing French films is easy; if you like cinema a little bit, having a bit of a French film fetish is probably a rite of passage. [I realize that might sound pompous coming from a French girl, but I’ve been in those cinema studies classes; we’re kind of a big deal.]

Exploring Russian film however, is a bit more adventurous, that’s why we’re dedicating two weeks to it. Russian Film Week is currently taking over the East Village until Friday, November 4th. Katie Metcalfe, my first guest on this show, was the curator of this 11th edition. It’s unfortunately impossible for me to cover all the films she chose to feature this year, but the two that will get discussed in depth on Citywide give a nice spectrum of what is being presented during the week.

First up is Siberia, Monamour by Slava Ross, my second guest on this show. To explain what this film is about might lead me to give it all away and could have me writing for days.

It’s a violent and sometimes disturbing family drama but it’s also a tale of love and self-sacrifice. Its realism is gripping, the pain of the characters seems to jump out of the screen to grab you as well… It’s fascinating to watch and discuss, especially when you have the director at hand. Many thanks to Anna Kadysheva for being our intermediary.

Russian Film Week ends on Friday, November 4th. For information on the screenings, visit

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