Alexis Tryon and Artsicle
November 24, 2011, 12:59 am
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My house growing up was full of paintings, Van Gogh prints and even later some fusain portraits of me and my family. All in all, I was very spoiled because I grew up in an environment where art was important and something to cherish.

However, now that I don’t live at home anymore and that most of the money I have goes either to tuition, loans or groceries, my art budget is particularly low. I would ask to have some things shipped from home, but because I live in a dorm, the investment seems hardly worth it if I can’t even put a hole in the wall to hang paintings.

Artsicle appealed to me because it made me think that if I ever had a little bit of extra funds, I could constantly re-arrange and remodel my living space according to my artistic affinity of the time, which sounds like an unattainable luxury if art is only available at gallery prices. I also strongly believe that art is a lot more enjoyable if it can be lived with, as opposed to just existing during the working hours of a museum.

Artsicle also has the added benefit of being as good to its customers as it is to its artists; it’s a win-win!


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