UnionDocs Part 2/2: The UnionDocs Collaborative’s Los Sures Project
January 26, 2012, 12:58 am
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My idea of documentaries as a child were the animal documentaries I would catch a glimpse of while flipping through channels looking for cartoons. I say “catch a glimpse” because I would never stay on those channels for too long; as interesting as the animal kingdom can be, I was never truly drawn to the abundance of slow motion shots of bears catching their prey and the ominous “voice of God” narration.

My childhood bias gave me a skewed view of what documentaries were, or what they could be. I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point, I realized that there could be more to it than I expected. Now that I’ve gone on the journey to make one, I am almost overwhelmed with the amount of possibilities available to me to tell my story in an inventive, visually-stimulating and compelling way. The UnionDocs Collaborative is one of the places where all those options are being explored, currently through the Los Sures project, which you can hear more about in the interview below; hopefully, that will help more people have the little epiphany I had and awaken them to documentary art.

You can find out more about specific documentary art techniques at their next event, “Everything You Want To Know About Transmedia Storytelling But Are Afraid To Ask,” this Sunday, January 29th at 4:00pm. You’ll get to hear from designer Takaaki Okada (ConditionONE), game designer Nick Fortugno (Diner Dash), new media strategist Brian Newman (sub-genre), filmmakers Amam Ali and Bassam Tariq (30 Mosques), who will be in conversation with producer and strategist John Bruce (Forward Mapworks).

For more information about UnionDocs as a whole, how you can help support them (through your work or donations), you can visit their website,

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