Michael Ian Black and the art of living
March 1, 2012, 12:00 am
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Luke with Michael Ian Black

This Wednesday is a special day.

Not only is it be February 29th, which only happens every 4 years, but comedian Michael Ian Black is on WNYU. You may know him for such things as Wet Hot American Summer (2001), Stella, I Love the 80’s and The State, among other things. Maybe you’ve read his children’s book, Chicken Cheeks; or you think of him as “the other Michael” from Michael Showalter because of all the work they’ve done together. But many NYU seniors now also remember him as the guy who spoke to us as eager freshmen before the NYU Reality Show gave us the tools to survive in New York City for the next four years. Or at least it tried to; the main element they hammered into our heads was a phone number for counseling help I’ve never had to use in almost four years of studying here.

This new book, You’re Not Doing It Right, published by Gallery Books, his debut memoir, feels like Michael Ian Black is giving a much more colorful and honest portrayal of his life than he did during that little speech he made that first day of Welcome Week, which is great because he’s funniest when let a little loose anyway.

A more comprehensive post about this interview will come later this week; you should be excited about it. While you’re waiting, the full interview can be heard below. Here is what Michael Ian Black told him about the interview–it says it all:


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