Trailer released for new Xavier Dolan movie Laurence Anyways
March 20, 2012, 4:52 pm
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Xavier Dolan made an appearance on Citywide a little over a year ago to discuss his latest film at the time called Heartbeats (Les Amours Imaginaires is the French title). The film was very well met in the US and went on to screen internationally over the last year, receiving positive reviews throughout the globe, which is pretty big accomplishment for a filmmaker who was only 21 years old at the time. Dolan’s previous film, J’ae Tue Ma Mere (I Killed My Mother) has not been screened officially anywhere except for his home country of Canada and screens in France despite the fact that Canada selected the film to submit to the 82nd Academy Awards.

Xavier Dolan’s new film is called Laurence Anyways. The story follows Laurence, played by French actor Melvil Poupad, a man who decides on his thirtieth birthday to undergo a sex change and soon falls in love with a woman (as far as I can tell, the trailer is in French). From the trailer, it’s safe to go ahead get excited for the incredibly impactful tableaus that seem to freeze time in Heartbeats as well as its high-spirited and stimulating light and color sequences. And while Laurence Anyways seems to explore intense human relationships similar to the way Dolan proved he was adept at in his previous films, this new work appears to also focus on a single character study in a more pronounced way than its predecessors. It is also the first film by Xavier Dolan which he does not act in himself.

Though the film’s release has only currently been announced in Canada, we hope to see it soon in New York City. The trailer itself is something to enjoy even without being able to understand the French-

Also, check out our original interview with Xavier Dolan in which he discussed Heartbeats,  the experience of being a young and popular filmmaker, and even his plans for Laurence Anyways.  Here is the original post with the interview at the end-

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