Book Club

Too many books to read and how do you choose and what do you have to show for it?

Once a month a group of us meet at Birch Coffee on 27th street between 5th ave and Madison right next to the Museum of Sex. Everybody is welcome to come when we meet to discuss our monthly pick and help us choose our next book. Generally, we aim for contemporary literature by authors we aren’t overly familiar with.

It’s an opportunity to read a good book at the same time as other people and it lends an entire extra dimension to the experience of reading a novel. It’s something you didn’t get to do since high school or maybe a college class where not everyone is into it. If you’re looking forward to digging into a quality piece of writing and want to enrich it all that much further by engaging with people who have a similar passion for interesting fiction show up at our book club at Birch Coffee. The times and dates will be posted.

Birch Coffee is a great midtown gem as well. They serve great coffee that’s rainforest safe and make a killer-diller grilled cheese. Plus they have a library upstairs that probably contains the most coziness of any space within a mile and a half. Also, I work there and there’s a sandwich named after me. It’s called “The Luke.”

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