A THOUSAND STORIES, a project of inspiration by Gregory Koutrouby
October 20, 2011, 4:01 pm
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Gregory Koutrouby from A Thousand Stories

What we do here on Citywide is not at all unique. There are at least a thousand blogs in existence who consider it a mission to plumb the internet, museums, and sometimes the street itself to discover new great work. While different outfits have their own reasons for finding new art, there is at least one end we all have in common. Damn good Karma. Gregory Koutrouby from A Thousand Stories is teeming with it.

Gregory seeks out new work on an instinct. He started the project A Thousand Stories some years ago lamenting the difficulty it takes to find new music, art, and literature not fed through a commercial construct. That’s what I got from him at least. Gregory uses his free time away from his day job working for a science journal at Rockefeller University hitting the road and plumbing the internet in search of artists whose inspiration drives them to great accomplishments that don’t necessarily receive public attention. It is important to remember, and it seems Gregory knows this, that publicity is not a natural process. Great work does not spring innate with the fame it merits. In some ways it is reassuring to know that amazing things perpetually happen anywhere without us being aware of them, which we are so accustomed to believe these days. Some people base a career on fostering and sharing new talent as a profession, some people talk about it on the radio as a way to give back to the art community, Gregory Koutrouby does it both out of necessity and as a mission.

The way he tells it, he started his project as a means to break through the media buffer and experience art that thrives on nothing other than the inspiration that feeds it. It’s a logical philosophy. If we only consume work filtered through an art market, we will only see permutations of the same material appealing to what is perceived as favorable to the consumer. In leaving this construct we may still witness those same combinations, but there is greater space for inspiration to emerge. And inspiration is always unique.

Since he started his project, Gregory has published twenty three stories on his website about artists whose inspiration has caused him to feel inspired as well. In our interview he speaks about the importance of being receptive as the most efficient way to discover true expression, which he seems to be reliant on. Once he discovers that inspiration at work, he continues to move it forward by expanding its reach through his website for any receptive passerby to seize again.

Angel by Martin Wittfooth

It certainly does not take an open mind to see the sense in Gregory’s words. Listen to the interview to hear Gregory share is personal journey and recollect specific encounters with artists such as Martin Wittfooth (artwork pictured above) and Tamar Kali whose music plays at the close of the interview. Thanks for tuning into Citywide.


Lucas Green