WNYU is New York University ‘s radio station and is completely operated by NYU students. WNYU’s studios are located in the basement of 5-11 University Pl. in Greenwich Village. WNYU’s transmitter is located at University Heights in the Bronx, the former location of NYU. WNYUbroadcasts on 89.1 FM with an effective radiated power of 8,300 watts weekdays from 4:00PM to 1:00AM, and on the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click on the Listen Live link above in order to connect to WNYU’s Internet stream.

In the NYU dorms, WNYU can be heard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as the audio for WNYU-TVs campus information channel.

If you are an NYU student and are interested in joining WNYU, contact the Net Radio Director at: 212-998-1677 or via email: (Contact) for more information.


WNYU’s mission is to provide our tri-state listening community, defined by our signal’s reach, with educational alternative radio programming. The FCC mandates that non-commercial college radio licensees must provide such an alternative. Alternative is relative to your market, including the commercial market: people listen to the radio, not exclusively commercial or non-commercial radio. So when we program the station, we consider the entire radio market and determine if programming of a similar nature exists within our listening community. We want to make programming sense by offering listening alternatives. If you hear it on another station, you probably won’t hear it on WNYU.

WNYU is a 24 hour-a-day, 365 day-a-year student managed and staffed operation: we maintain and transmit a signal constantly. We are committed to addressing the needs and concerns of our immediate NYU student and village population through direct participation and interaction. We educate and entertain our community with unique music, news and student-produced shows exclusive to WNYU but with interest beyond the campus and the Village.

WNYU encourages student participation from all schools within NYU. Drawing from this diverse environment, WNYU remains fresh and daring, uninhibited by commercial pressures. We don’t have to get a “ten-share” to stay on the air. That is not to say that we don’t have a professional attitude, but it is to say that we take full advantage of our non-commercial obligations and opportunities. We can program what other stations can’t even imagine.

WNYU Radio Contacts

Mailing Address:

WNYU Radio
5-11 University Pl.
New York, NY 10003

Office: 212-998-1660
FM & NetRadio Studios: 212-998-1818
FAX: (currently not available)
New York University Switchboard: 212-998-1212

To contact the on-air DJ via Instant Messenger (IM), the screen name is “wnyuradio”. Most web browsers will support a link that will automatically open up a new message to a screen name if AOL, iChat, or Instant Messenger are installed on your computer. You can sign-up for a free IM account and download a free IM chat application from AOL (You do not have to be an AOL subscriber).

WNYU Directors (& other selected staff)

General Manager: Barney Canson,
Contact, 212-998-1674

Program Director: Zane Brzezinski,
Contact, 212-998-1674

Music Director: Maria Sherman,
Contact, 212-998-1658

Assistant Music Director: Aaron Kaplan

Business Director: Pier Harrison,
Contact, 212-998-1677

News Director: Zoe Rosenberg,
Contact, 212-998-1679

Associate News Director: Sedera Ranaivoarinosy,
Contact, 212-998-1679

Promotions Director: Jamie Dinsmoor,
Contact, 212-998-1675

Publicity Director: Jolie Maya-Altshuler,
Contact, 212-998-1675

Social Media Director: Jenn Pelly,

Net Radio Director: Mike Stallmeyer,
Contact, 212-998-1677

Associate Net Radio Director: Anna Duensing,
Contact, 212-998-1677

Public Service Announcements Director: Noel Bourg,
Contact, 212-998-1678

Sports Director: Chase Kressel,
Contact, 212-998-1678

Engineering Director: Aldona Watts,
Contact, 212-992-9341

Associate Engineering Director: David Phillips,

Technology Director: Andres Campanella,
Contact, 212-998-1660

Hip-Hop Director: DJ Skizz,
Contact, 212-998-1658

RPM Director: Maria Sherman,
Contact, 212-998-1674

Webmasters: Arno, Andres
Contact, 212-998-1660

Individual Program producers and hosts can be contacted via email. Visit either the FM Schedule or NetRadio Schedule pages for specific email addresses.

Chief Operator: Jake Glanz, 212-992-9341


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