Matt Sullivan and Ken Cro-Ken
February 17, 2011, 5:17 am
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The first thing I noticed when Matt Sullivan and Ken Cro-Ken came to the studio a few weeks ago was that they obviously knew each other extremely well. As they discussed the way the sound of Matt’s oboe plays off Ken’s live-painting and video to create a complete sonic and visual performance, I really understood how collaboration in art nourishes personal relationships and vice versa. The way they describe their time released performances really shows their dedication for keeping their art moving and alive. After all that is the worst that can happen to art: for it to stand still and lose its playfulness.

They will be performing a time released performance called “Multiple Oneness” at Symphony Space at 2537 Broadway on the Upper West Side in Manhattan this Monday February 21st at 9pm during the Music of Now marathon. For more information,  check out Symphony Space’s website.

Here is “Leaves,” the piece Matt mentions in the interview:


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